Job Title: Recruiter

Posted: 2019-02-22 14:44:01

I get other agencies contact me quite often with opportunities... But the trouble is... I am stuck where I am... I physically can't leave! You can't improve my working hours.

I am contracted 9am until 6pm, with the understanding if I need to speak to a candidate out of hours I will do so on my work mobile and laptop, which is not every night.

You can't improve my working conditions - I go to the networking events I see value in, work with the clients I build strong relationships with and have the freedom to target the markets I like. (It's very easy to recruit for a company you buy into) It means I can focus on service quality.

You certainly can't improve the team I work with – The directors bring in coffees, the manager turns up with bacon rolls and the office manager will delight the office with her world famous stovies! (Yes... I am easily bought with food).

I'm trapped - I've been made very happy! How can I possibly look elsewhere when this is all right here!

By the way - We are hiring a Resourcer/Recruiter. Drop me a message if you want to consider getting stuck with me.

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