At Entrust People, we take great pride in the level of recruitment service we provide. We are focussed on understanding you, your aspirations and career goals and we work with you to support you on your career journey whether that’s in life sciences, pharmaceutical jobs, clinical research jobs or in quality and regulatory jobs. Here are just some of our very satisfied candidates:

Jay Rabheru, Senior Project Manager:

I am delighted with the service and support I have received from Entrust. From the very first phone call, which was targeted at finding the right role for me, through to interviewing and securing a position, I have had nothing but an excellent experience with Entrust.

In particular, the Entrust team were very courteous, professional and prompt in getting back to me, even if they didn’t have an answer I was always kept informed. Finding a new position can be difficult and when you’re not kept informed it can increase the frustration, so working with Entrust was certainly a marked difference. Whether it was by e-mail, phone call or even text message, I was always kept up to date with developments and dealt with in a professional manner.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience with Entrust and would certainly recommend to others.

Jun Hong, Software Engineer:

I am very satisfied with Entrust’s performance.  The team at Entrust played a key role in bridging the gap between myself and my current employer.  This requires a lot of experience in bringing the right people to the right company.  Furthermore, they provided me with great support and useful advice in all stages of my job hunting period. I would definitely recommend Entrust.

Craig Collie, Support Engineer:

I received a response less than 24 hours after applying for an available position advertised by Entrust via LinkedIn.  An interview with Entrust was arranged very quickly and following this, an interview with my prospective (now current) employer was also arranged in a short period of time. I was kept in regular contact by yourselves regarding the progress (other agencies would bring me in for an interview, say they would get back in touch and did not) and the job description and match by yourselves has also been very accurate.  Many thanks!

A recently placed candidate:

I believe your team work very hard to satisfy all customers and employees, but what you do best is treat people as human beings and not as another number in the paper work.