Our parent company, Entrust Resource Solutions, have grown once again with their second acquisition this year. SCI Search and Selection, a specialist scientific resourcing consultancy based in Manchester, joined the group earlier this month, growing the group from two to three specialist companies.

SCI Search and Selection are a well-established consultancy with 20 years’ experience sourcing scientists of all experience levels. Their team of professionally qualified consultants are also experienced scientists from a range of disciplines and sectors. This provides their team a unique insight into the challenges facing both clients and candidates in this industry.

While these three businesses trade successfully independently, we are even stronger as a collective. Each business has a complementary offering and professional approach which when combined provides us the opportunity to add depth, scale and greater value to our customers. The expansion of the group will enable the experience and knowledge of their teams to be shared across the businesses enabling a wider range of resourcing solutions for clients and candidates.

With a continued focus on technology and life sciences, the group can provide solutions for a full range of roles, from Bench to Board, working on contingent, interim and executive search assignments. While the increased presence of the group will enhance our ability to serve clients across Europe and beyond.

Even with the uncertainty of Brexit, our group is thriving. We are in the midst of an aggressive 5-year growth and acquisition strategy which will see our turnover reach £10 million. As part of this strategy, we have acquired two companies in just three months. We are forging partnerships with ambitious companies, just like ours, who need the right team to drive their businesses forward. In these uncertain times, the right team is more important than ever.


LSX World Congress

On 5 & 6 February, our colleague and Managing Partner of Horton International, Paul Edwards, attended the LSX World Congress (formerly Biotech and Money).

This conference provided the perfect opportunity to meet industry experts and feel the pulse of the industry.

Click here to find out his 4 key takeaways.

This week, Entrust’s Commercial Director, Austin Clark, is visiting clients across Ireland.

Ireland is a global leader within the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Home to 120 international life sciences companies, hiring 50,000 people and exporting €45 billion every year, Ireland is a proven destination for life sciences candidates to set up their working roots. With continued investment planned over the coming years, these industries in Ireland are set to grow further still.

Austin is meeting client plants in Galway, Limerick and Dublin to extend these working relationships and support their upcoming hiring needs. A key area for discussion is in highlighting Ireland as a destination for globally mobile personnel looking for their next role. With a growing and vibrant life sciences community, Ireland can offer opportunities to candidates across the sector, from bench to board.

With a global pool of candidates, we offer resourcing services for companies with branches across Europe looking to build out the depth and expertise of their team, offering continuity across their hiring supply chain.





Entrust People are delighted to announce Horton International UK have joined their parent company, Entrust Resource Solutions.

This first step is part of ambitious growth plans from Entrust Resource Solutions which will see the group provide comprehensive recruitment solutions across the life sciences sector, working on contingent, interim and exec search assignments.

The expansion of the group allows the experience and knowledge of the full team to be shared across the businesses, offering a wider range of resourcing solutions for clients and candidates.

Horton International UK provide Executive Recruitment services specialising in Board level positions, heads of function, specialist technology roles and NEDs. Their esteemed team bring a wealth of valuable experience to the group. Partners Paul Edwards MBE and Charles Taylor have a combined 50 years experience recruiting for C-level positions, both within the UK and internationally. Paul has enjoyed a varied and distinguished career in the life science industry prior to entering recruitment, while Charles, who has lived and worked internationally in engineering and technology sectors, will remain in a senior capacity for at least two years to ensure a seamless transition.

The footprint of the group now spans the UK, with offices in Scotland and the South of England perfectly positioned to service clients and candidates across Europe. This is becoming more important with a UK skills shortage and the uncertainty of overseas candidates brought on by Brexit.

The Group have also attracted external funding and welcomed new members to the board. Joining Austin Clark and Ryan Watson on the Board are Paul Edwards from Horton International UK, Gavin Hands and Mary Ballantyne. Gavin and Mary bring a wealth of experience in pharma, biotech, life sciences and business, having been part of a team who brought the multi-million-pound sale of CXR Biosciences to Concept Life Sciences to fruition in 2015.

While Entrust Resource Solutions is growing, our approach to recruitment remains the same. What has not changed is our dedication to providing outstanding service to both clients and candidates. The Group pride ourselves on our consultative and service-led approach which allows us to support our client’s business objectives and our candidate’s career paths.


Entrust resourcer Robyn Jerdan recently gave a presentation at Pitlochry High School to inspire the school students into careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Robyn’s talk was part of the school’s “Future Workforce Week” which saw speakers from a range of industries present at the school. Robyn was invited to talk as part of her personal development to complete her PhD with Abertay University.


Science at School

The current school system in Scotland requires students to narrow down their subjects after second year, and therefore at the age of 14 they can choose to discontinue with their science education. Robyn therefore tailored her talk towards this young audience, saying “getting kids excited about science at a young age is key to them considering a future career in science”.

Her presentation first covered science at school level. She highlighted the varied skillset required for a career in science and extracurricular activities already available to them, such as a summer placement with the Nuffield Foundation and the Crest awards. She also encouraged them to seek out and create their own opportunities with a “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” attitude.

Robyn says, “completing a small one-week placement in a lab at a young age gives kids a realistic view of science and helps to spark their interest.”


Science at University and Beyond

Next, she discussed the options for studying science at university level and the careers that can follow. Robyn discussed the science courses available from their local Abertay University, focussing on the course content of their BSc Forensic Science degree and the wide variety of jobs available to their graduates, such as an investigator and scene of crime officer.

She also outlined alternative routes to a career in science, stressing that a university degree isn’t always an essential requirement. There are opportunities to go straight into industry from school, starting with a factory production role and utilising in-house training schemes to achieve a career in analysis.

Robyn says, “it’s important to convey how vast the opportunities in science are, both when choosing a degree and a career. After all, I started on a BSc Forensic Science degree and am now completing a PhD in the field of Microbiology! Within the first 2 years of academic study you are exposed to such a broad range of areas and disciplines within science that you have time to discover where your interests are.”


Robyn in a lab coat


Working with Entrust

Robyn has worked as a resourcer part-time with Entrust for 2.5 years. When she started with us, she was an undergraduate student and now she is over a year into her PhD.

Speaking of her time at Entrust so far, she says, “I have been able to continue to work for Entrust throughout my studies due to their flexibility. I can complete my working hours from anywhere and at any time that suits me. This job has not only helped to fund my studies, but also better prepared me for my future career.

“Working with a specialist life science recruitment company has given me a new depth of understanding into the world of life sciences. I am already working with companies I could work for in the future, as well as receiving first-hand knowledge of the diverse career paths scientists are taking. This job actually gave me the confidence to dive into a relatively new discipline for my PhD!”


A Career in Life Sciences

Talking of her future career in science, Robyn says, “Entrust have always championed my studies and career, and I know they would be very supportive of a future transition from academia to industry. I am not sure what my next role will be, but I would love to incorporate the research skills I’ve developed from my role at Entrust, as well as the project management and hands-on supervision skills I developed as a Project Supplier and Supervisor for the Nuffield Foundation. Whether I choose a hands-on project manager role, a supervisor role, or maybe even a principal investigator role, I’m confident Suzi from Entrust will help me get there!”



In planning for a “no-deal” Brexit, medicine manufacturers have been tasked with stockpiling 6 weeks’ worth of inventory. This challenging request has been made by the UK government as a precaution against potential disruption to the supply of the 37 million packs of medicine imported each month from the EU.


The problems affecting drug manufacturers

Stockpiling is proving problematic for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is a pressure to increase production to manufacture the extra stock. For pharma companies working under capacity, the solution may be as straightforward as hiring more manufacturing operators to increase production hours. However, those already operating at capacity will require additional production equipment.

With an increase in production comes an increase in stock and storage becomes an issue. Once existing storage facilities reach capacity, additional storage must be sought. Specialist storage may be required with refrigeration and other facilities making it more difficult to source and timely to build.

After producing and storing the medicine, the next matter is shelf life. Many medicines, such as insulin, are suited to shorter production runs due to their short shelf life and solutions are needed to increase the shelf life of these products.

Finally, with pressure to deliver more in a short timeframe, operating costs are set to increase. It has been speculated that a six-week stockpile across the industry will cost £2 billion, with refrigeration alone costing £10 million. Some companies are better equipped than others to deal with this challenge. While Sanofi, Novartis and AstraZeneca have already started stockpiling, small firms may continue to struggle as they don’t have the same cash flows to fund the reserves.


How stockpiling impacts your staff

For CDMOs, every team within the supply chain will feel additional pressure while trying to efficiently stockpile: from departmental heads and leadership teams to manufacturing operators.

With the need to increase manufacturing, and the many additional challenges arising from that task, there is an increase in workload across the company that results in new employment opportunities. Unfortunately, as an industry-wide issue, a lot of companies are now hiring for the same roles at the same time, in an already hard to fill industry. With more roles, the market place is becoming driven by candidates.

QPs are already one of the hardest roles to fill. Best suited to candidates with a background in pharmacy, they are in short supply in the UK. Many CDMOs have a critical need to recruit a QP right now and these candidates can choose from an abundance of opportunities and drive their price up.

With fierce competition over talent and heightened manufacturing requirements, it is more important than ever to work with a reliable resourcing specialist with experience in sourcing globally for these hard to fill roles which should satisfy these job openings.


How Entrust People can help

Stockpiling is a very real and urgent issue, affecting everyone in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have been working very closely with our Contract Manufacturing customers to identify and fill their staffing shortages. Our methodology as a consultative resourcing business allows us to better understand their business goals so we can provide candidates that fit their immediate and long term business needs.

We work within an agreed timeframe to source candidates from a global talent pool. We work across every department in their business, from bench to board, in both permanent and temporary contracts to best suit their needs.

Even in the uncertain and tough times brought on by Brexit, there are plenty opportunities within life science companies to learn and grow. With our help, you can build the perfect team to meet challenging targets, ensuring the country benefits from a continuous supply of drug and vaccine licensed medicines, whatever the outcome of Brexit.

It’s no secret that the health of the biotechnology market gives a key insight into the buoyancy of the wider healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. With ever growing registrations of university spinouts and MedTech companies across the UK and wider EU there is no shortage of innovation and expertise, a positive indicator for the industry going forward. The Biotech and Money Congress brings together the Innovators and the bank rollers all in one room with the goal of bridging the gap between concept and impact. Entrust had the privilege of attending the event and meeting a lot of ladies and gents from both the VC and Biotech side giving us a great insight into the challenges faced at the pivotal start- up phase of a Biotech, I have listed my 3 main learning points from the insight we were afforded at the event. 

1.       Appetite for Biotech 

The event housed the full scope investors from global VCs to Angel and Seed Phase players with all with the aim of finding the next major innovation. From our conversations with a lot of investors the appetite for European Biotech investment is prevalent and steadily increasing with the number of spin outs and start-ups compiled by the success of previous ventures. As a specialist recruiter working in the Biotech space, seeing the willingness of investors to back Biotech’s from both a capital and advisory perspective was extremely positive to hear and a cause for optimism going forward. 

2.       The rising MedTech wave

One of the major themes throughout the event centred around the rise of MedTech and its applications in preventative medicine. This won’t come as a surprise to most with the growing interest in MedTech investment in recent years, but the sheer abundance of conversations around the potential future applications of MedTech throughout a range of therapeutic areas was very interesting. Particularly in the UK, the has been a shift in recent years toward preventive medicine to reduce the strain on the NHS, this need has been heeded by the market and resulted in a sharp uptake in companies looking to address these issues, and investors looking to fund the effort. 

3.       The ‘T’ Word

I wouldn’t be much of a recruiter if I didn’t address the talent side of things, would I? The ‘T’ conversation was, as always, a common theme for us in all our meetings throughout the congress, and from person to person, company to company and Investor to Investor the conversation was very similar. In short, Investors want to be assured that the capital they put up is in capable, experienced hands. While seed phase biotechs want to ensure that once spun from an academic institution or proof of concept phase, that they have someone at the helm who can navigate the choppy waters of the commercial world outside of the incubator. The underlying need is the same from all sides, this is a crucial phase where the wrong appointment could result in a loss of funding which could prove critical for innovation and ultimately the business. The key to success during this phase is to not only make an appointment based on experience (though this plays a major part) but also passion for the technology and a belief in its applications with the ability to relay this message where required. The right fit at this stage of the process is vital as it will define the culture and ultimate success of the company going forward. To finish I will borrow a quote from Shaun Chilton (CEO Clinigen Group) during the event ‘If you are an executive and can’t tell an engrossing story of your company in five minutes, you are in the wrong job’. 

Entrust people are an International resourcing company operating throughout in the Life Sciences space, specialising in permanent temporary and contract positions from Director to C- suite positions globally. If you have a requirement or are interested in leaning more around our business, please do reach out on john@entrustpeople.co.uk or +44 1224 904 990.

We re building on our success and growing our talented team here at Entrust People.  If you’ve thought about a career in recruitment, or perhaps you’re an experienced recruiter looking for that organisation which truly allows you the freedom to build your own business within a supportive culture, that encourages working openly, and collaboratively with candidates and clients in an open working environment, rather than driving kpi’s and a “one size fits all” approach to recruitment.

We are proud of our approach to providing recruitment solutions, and our many testimonials and working partnerships with our customers demonstrate our commitment to setting us apart from the norm.

The Technical, Manufacturing and Production Silo are looking for a talented, passionate and driven person to come and join us along our journey to become the “go to” recruiters within this market space.

If you have a naturally inquisitive mind, a passion for people and the ambition to carve out your name in the market then we could be the place for you.

For further discussion please send your cv to sally@entrustpeople.co.uk or call me on 01382 767415 I’d love to hear from you.

Sally Russell from Entrust People attended the SMAS Future Manufacturing Conference 2017 – Focus of the day was Industry 4.0 and the changes this will bring.

Very insightful discussions had throughout the day and lots of opportunity to gain different perspectives and solutions for businesses from SME through to Corporate.

As well as listening to key speakers from SMAS, Natwest, SE, SIEMENS and the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute, all giving an informative insight into how smart manufacturing can give businesses the competitive edge no matter what size or profile. Meet the expert sessions where one on one advice was available for those with questions on the day. There was also the opportunity to join focus groups hosted by Sarah Jardine of Optos, John Scott Of Life Scan and Wayne Thomson of Technip.  All giving different examples of how they are using innovation and process currently and adopting initiatives towards Industry 4.0.

Lots of exhibitors in the Technology Centre, demonstrating how their products can assist organisations with the Industry 4.0 revolution.  From Additive Manufacturing, Automation/Robotics, Digitalisation and  Data Management to name a few.

Overall it gave plenty of food for thought and from a recruitment perspective, Entrust People will certainly be looking to assist organisations in advising and consulting with the increased skills demand, upskilling current workforce and retaining key employees when market demand increases.

Looking forward to SMAS 2018


Paul & Austin will be discussing the best methods of attracting top talent to your organisation.  

We understand that the landscape is changing around talent attraction and career development – but what hasn’t changed is that people are the most important aspect of any business. 

Diaries are filling up fast so please contact Paul Berrie or Austin Clark on 01224907990 or paul@entrustpeople.co.uk / Austin@entrustpeople.co.uk to arrange for next week.